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2015 Pricing 10/9/2015

USA  Assembled 6 and 7-Gun Cabinets


USA  Assembled 8-Gun Cabinets
Oak                           Model #408        $420.00
Oak                           Model #908        $470.00
Solid Pine w/ Pistol    Model #1608      $500.00
Oak Library               Model #1358      $530.00
USA  Assembled 10-12 Gun Cabinets
USA Display Cases, Rifle and Pistol Racks
Wall Mount Enclosed Locking   #305-O      $160.00
Solid Pine Display Model          #1058         $160.00
Imported  Steel Gun Cabinets
Imported RTA Metal 10-Gun      Model #M910            $191.00
Imported RTA Metal 16-Gun      Model #M916            $247.00
Imported Fire Safe 10-gun           Model #M910            $429.00
Imported Assembled 5-gun          Model #M905            $142.00

Imported  and RTA  Wood Veneer Gun Cabinets

Import 5-Gun Chest/Bench             Model #502             $114.00

Options and Accessories
Incandescent Light Installed $30.00
Florescent Light Installed $40.00
Halogen Touch Light Installed $50.00
Dual Halogen Touch Light Installed $75.00
Glass Changes $45.00  Space Saving Barrel Rests $50.00
Custom Finishes Floor Models $75.00 minimum
Custom Finishes Wall Mounts $40.00 minimum
Dark Cherry Finish is $95.00
Black, White and other Solid Colors $100 minimum


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